Cockfights can be considered a form of worship. It’s a part of ceremony in the most outer, public, community-oriented courtyard, the wantilan. It is part of the temple complex.

Once a match has been established, cock owners or their handlers pick up their birds and walk around in search of opponents. Two handlers swap birds when they find a possible opponent.

Cultural importance

Cockfighting is a wildly popular game which is infused with significant social and religious significance for many of its participants. Cockfighting goes beyond a sport for cockowners. They consider their cocks like extensions of themselves, and are proud of having their birds win. There is a belief that the winner’s cock is phallic in nature that is why taking part in a fight is seen as an act of masculinity.

The cocks are handled by a skilled professional called the juru kembar. He is in charge of managing the animals prior to and during fighting. The juru kembar has many tricks that he can use to revive birds. This includes making their feathers pluck, massaging they, or brushing their feathers. The owner will pay a considerable amount for an excellent juru.

Bettors voice their opinions during cockfights by repeating the color names in rhythmic. The most well-known betting professionals are called “timing officials,” and their words are legally binding in the arena. Clifford Geertz, an influential Anthropologist, wrote a captivating article titled Deep Play: notes on the Balinese Cockfight description daga88.

Traditions of Cockfighting

The interaction between tradition, faith and social norms is fascinatingly revealed by the cockfighting culture. It is vital to consider the significance of these events, but it’s also important to acknowledge and tackle ethical issues.

Cockfighting is a form of sport in which the roosters belonging to two different owners are pitted against each other within a cage. The winner is announced after the match, which is usually until a bird passes away or becomes severely injured. The cockfights are watched by a lot of people, and bets are made on the result of the contest. Thousands of dollars can exchange the hands of spectators during these games.

Cockfights are seen as integral to Balinese culture and society. It is also a way to allow Balinese to prove their status as socially minded. Also, it is a source of income for participants who make money by betting on their own cocks. Prior to the start of a cockfight the animals are primed for combat by having their brushes and wattles massaged or dusting. The natural spurs of the animal, which may reach many inches long, are cut with an instrument.

Cockfighting in Southeast Asia

Cockfights are a part of traditional Southeast Asian culture, often connected to spiritual beliefs and social rituals. Even though the current Wala Meron festival is a cockfighting event and a parade of cockfights, it also celebrates the diversity of Southeast Asia’s cultural history. The event is a celebration of culture, history as well as harmony between the people.

Bali is elevating cockfighting the point of being a religion and is therefore exempt from the ban against cockfighting that was in effect since 1981. It is still practiced in Indonesia as well as Bali, the popularity of it has diminished.

Combat cocks are trained and developed specifically to improve strength and endurance. Cocks that are used for combat receive steroids and adrenaline boosters, and they have combs and earlobes removed for a more aggressive and well-behaved behaviour. In the course of fighting handling, handlers utilize their tools to entice birds into fighting. Additionally, handlers pull their combs and prickle their beaks, in order to bring the birds into a fighting mood. Even cocks that do not fall suffer greatly.

Spiritual practices

In Bali there is cockfighting that is not just a game, but a spiritual ritual known as Tabuh Rah. The religious ritual involves cocks spitting blood on the floor to repel evil spirits. The person who is believed to be the owner of the fighting cocks will perform the ritual by praying and mantras. The cocks come with spurs made of metal and are armed with a set of charms to wear during the battle.

The cocks also receive special water and food during the fight. These rituals help the cocks stay in top fitness for battle. The birds are fed special rice that provides them with energy and endurance. Fighting can last just a few minutes and require a great deal of wings and beaks. The crowd is cheering, bellowing, and moaning. As well in a rush of betting. People cheer when a gambler wins. It is an amazing spectacle.